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Go gluten-free fast and fast-track healing with the #1 course
exclusively for people with celiac disease & gluten intolerance.

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Katy Furusho
Happy Student

“I’ve been gluten-free for 12 years since my diagnosis, and this course could have saved me immense amounts of pain and suffering if I’d had it at diagnosis. This is such a wonderful and complete course for anyone newly diagnosed with Celiac and even for those that feel they understand everything, there is more opportunity for learning within what Jenny has created. I know that this course gave me ways that I can improve my diet to promote healing and more options for travel.”

Aleta Stout
Happy Student

“As someone with celiac and only 2.5 years in, I found this course to be very informational and even a little eye-opening. I’ve been struggling to heal my gut and found the information about healing my body the most helpful. This course will help you understand that this journey is about being more than just gluten-free, something I wish I’d known from the start. I’m grateful to Jenny for sharing this valuable information so others can heal and feel better faster."

Cathy Foster
Happy Student

“I can’t remember how I found Jenny years ago, but I’m so glad I did. She has been a vital part of my gluten-free journey. I was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 67. She has always provided me and her community with great information, and I’ve come to depend on her valuable advice. Her SIGNATURE course has all of her excellent information in one place, which I can access over and over again. Her videos are easy to follow, and truly, there’s nothing else like it. Doctors are not educated enough to provide this level of support. Thank you, Jenny, for doing an excellent job of informing and helping our community. I highly recommend Jenny's SIGNATURE Gluten-Free course.”

Karen DiPadova
Happy Student

"Jenny’s devotion to the celiac and gluten-intolerant communities has been amazing, to say the least, and I can honestly say her work has made life with celiac disease easier and less challenging. All of the information, lists, links, etc., compiled in her SIGNATURE Gluten-Free course is worth so much more than money. They are a huge help and contribute to my peace of mind. The course has plenty of information for those who are new to gluten-free and those who have been living the lifestyle for years. Overall, Jenny has been my go-to trusted advisor in the industry for years, and her course is just the icing on the cake.”

FAQs about the SIGNATURE Gluten-Free Course
  • I have gluten intolerance. Is this course for me or is it only for people with celiac disease?
    While there is a lot of discussion about celiac disease, this course intentionally includes the needs of people with non-celiac gluten sensitivity (aka, gluten intolerance). While people with gluten intolerance don't experience the same intestinal damage, they experience many of the same symptoms and find themselves in the same predicaments as people with celiac disease. This course is for ANYONE navigating a gluten-free diet for medical and health reasons.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    I don't accept insurance for any courses or coaching programs. You may be able to use FSA/HSA funds, but you'll need to check with your provider to determine if this course is an approved purchase.
  • How long will I have access to this course?
    Your purchase includes lifetime access. This means as long as this course exists, it will be accessible to you. I hope to leave this course up for years and continue to add new videos and lessons.

  • I don't live in the US, is this course still a fit for me?
    This course discusses U.S. labeling guidelines and laws, as well as features products/brands widely available in the U.S. Parts of this course may not fully apply to people who live outside the US. That said, much of the advice about living a full and healthy gluten-free life will apply to anyone on a gluten-free diet.
  • Why are you qualified to teach this course?
    Here's what I bring to the table:

    11 years of lived experience with celiac disease.
    Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach
    Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner
    A level of maturity and understanding for people of all ages. (I was diagnosed with celiac disease at the age of 35.)
    A healthy prognosis. My body has responded well to a gluten-free diet and other healing tactics I've employed over the years. I'm a healthy and active adult.
  • Do you guarantee my body will heal after I take this course?
    There is no guarantee your body will respond to a gluten-free diet. Everyone is a unique bio-individual, and everyone has the free choice to eat and live how they see fit.

    However, this course offers best practices and guidelines for living a full and healthy gluten-free life. If followed, most people will respond well.

    Some people will respond well to a strict gluten-free diet alone; others may need to implement other healing strategies. Few may never heal. This is the reality of celiac disease.

    Any changes to your symptoms or health should be discussed with a doctor. I am not a doctor and do not provide medical advice.
  • Will you refund my payment if I'm dissatisfied with the course?
    I don't offer refunds; however, if you're dissatisfied with the course, I welcome the opportunity to speak further with you so I can better understand why, figure out how I might be able to assist you further, and point you to additional resources for help.

    Not everyone will implement the strategies in this course as they should be implemented, and therefore I cannot guarantee success or satisfaction with your results. I can, however, guarantee that this course will provide you with the foundation and framework you need to navigate a gluten-free diet.
  • Is this course okay for children?
    This course is for anyone eliminating gluten at any age and stage. However, children under 18 y.o. must take this course with the consent and supervision of their parent(s) or guardian(s). Children have unique nutritional needs that may not be fully addressed in this course. Therefore, it's essential that parents discuss specific concerns regarding their child's diagnosis, treatment, nutrition, supplements, etc., with their child's physician.
  • I can't afford this course but really need it. Can you help?
    I want everyone who needs this course to have access to it. If you cannot afford it but desperately want to enroll, please let me know. I offer need-based scholarships. Please reach out to for more information.